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HR Team Solutions

We've designed Cascade to handle some of the most complex and challenging areas
of HR, such as health and benefits, but we can and are already expanding for
enterprise-wide HR functional areas including but not limited to Total Rewards, Leave,
Retirement, Employee Relations, and more.


Simplify benefits management with Cascade, your 24/7 assistant designed to clarify and communicate complex benefits information. From healthcare to dental and vision plans, our AI-powered assistants ensures that employees always have access to current, tailored benefits information, improving engagement and satisfaction.

Total Rewards

Unlock the full potential of your total rewards programs by using our AI assistants to personalizes the communication of bonuses, salary increments, and non-monetary perks, ensuring employees understand and appreciate the full value of their rewards package.


Manage leave policies more efficiently with Cascade. Whether it’s maternity leave, sick days, or vacation, our assistants automates the explanation of policy details and procedures, facilitating a smoother leave application process for employees and helping HR to track and comply with varying regulations effortlessly.


Use Cascade to help demystify retirement planning for your workforce. Our AI assistants are equipped to explain various retirement benefits and savings plans, aiding employees in making informed decisions about their future while ensuring they fully leverage the retirement options available to them.

Employee Relations

Enhance your employee relations with Cascade's capabilities to address and resolve workplace issues efficiently. Our assistant supports HR teams in managing conflicts, team dynamics and promoting a positive work environment through proactive communication and training.


Explore the expanding capabilities of Cascade across a range of HR functions. From benefits to employee relations, we are constantly expanding our capabilities across all areas of HR to help elevate and enhance the employee experience.

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