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Our goal is to build the most advanced, trusted and helpful AI for
HR teams and the employees they serve.

Generative AI Assistant


The most advanced, helpful, and trusted AI for HR and Benefits to ensure accuracy, completeness, and reliability of information provided by the platform


Ability to access critical information from desktop, mobile, and popular collaboration platforms (e.g., Teams, Slack)


Tailored user experience for individual needs, roles, and locations


Multi-lingual support providing support and assistance to users worldwide

HR Admin Center

Metrics for Employee Engagement

Detailed analytics are available in the HR leadership admin center to track employee engagement, including participation rates, satisfaction levels, and feedback

Live Monitoring and Reporting

Real-time aggregated feedback from employees is coupled with reporting capabilities for policy insights and actions

AI Model Performance Evaluation

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of AI model performance, including accuracy, conversation history, and HR policy data gaps

Employer Ecosystem Integrations

Use Cascade to personalize LLMs to the company’s unique needs, and engage employees in all your HR and Benefits programs globally in a way that scales. Cascade can be integrated with your SSO, HRIS, Payroll, Ticketing Software, and Benefits Administration, allowing for HR-wide capabilities, including support automation on Benefits, Total Rewards, Leave, and other HR policies such as Compensation and Employee Relations.

Employer Onboarding Experience

Cascade was built to be a plug-and-play solution that requires minimum load on HR and Benefits teams. We have an efficient and proven process to ensure a swift and secure onboarding experience tailored to our customers’ needs and priorities.

System Performance and Scale

We recognize that for employers with multiple employee groups and different Benefits offerings, adopting an employee-facing generative AI solution requires thoughtful planning and execution.

We believe this is where our expertise can be valuable - we have an efficient and proven process resulting from our AI hyper-scale cloud systems expertise, ongoing customer experience and feedback, and scale.

Security and Innovation

Cascade was developed with robust security guarantees in mind and has enterprise-grade security and compliance, including SOC2 Type 2, GDPR, and CCPA.

With deep partnerships in industry and academia, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and giving our customers access to state-of-the-art AI models in a safe and secure environment.

industry and academia Partners

Our goal is to build the most advanced, trusted and helpful AI for HR teams and the employees they serve.

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